Day Three – Cleanse – Elimination Diet

I think I caught Brendan’s stomach bug, not feeling so well.  The day started out well, but kind of went south after lunch.  I am keeping it liquid for now – I have dinner with my husband tomorrow evening to celebrate our 7th wedding anniversary.  We have reservations at Bistro 55 on Rte. 17, it’s a restaurant that serves seasonal and local produce.  Here are the questions of the day:

I want to embrace vegetarianism gradually, I don’t want to set myself up to fail.  I am thinking of maybe having poultry, it’s from a poultry farm near my house.  I know that veganism is not an option right now, but may be in the future.  I checked the menu on line and they have a few fish dishes. Question 1:  Should I go for the poultry if I really feel like having it, or avoid it?

The elimination diet for the cleanse does not permit refined sugar or alcohol, but when I celebrate, I like to have a few bites of a dessert and a drink.  It was bad planning on my part to start this mid-week, but I sort of forgot about the anniversary dinner. Question 2:  Do I have the drink (just one) and a few bites of dessert or do I stay true to the elimination diet?

Please take a minute and weigh in on my dilema!

No Yoga today, trying to get a sitter so I can go tomorrow morning, I really need a class!


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