Took The Pledge-Vegan for 30 days

Haven’t blogged in quite some time!  Hello again, my friends!  I became seriously ill with a gastrointestinal virus, it took me forever to recover, but recover I did.  I haven’t been to yoga in three weeks and I am feeling the stress creeping back into my bones… I really need to take care of that.  Thursday.  Thursday this week I will go to Yoga.  You are all my witnesses.

Undergoing a lot of self discovery, self growth and self improvement by taking the Stephen Ministry class at church.  We just finished the unit on being assertive.  Learned so much and I am thoroughly enjoying my new found assertive skills.  Also working on the church Christmas Fair Tricky Tray.  It is all coming together.  It’s like Christmas for me, even though I don’t keep the gifts.  Today we received an Amazon Kindle.  I physically jumped up and down with excitement! 

Since recovering from “THE BUG”, I moved on to a completely vegetarian lifestyle and I have to be honest, I feel awesome!  I feel so well.  All things considered, as I told a dear friend this afternoon – I’m good.  I’m in a good place, I’m strong and I’m confident.  It has been a very long time since I could say even one of those things about myself.  Hey, if you don’t like me, that’s your loss.  And guess what, it really is your loss.

So, onto the next step.  Veganism.  Wow.  I never thought I would find myself here.  At first, I thought I wouldn’t be able to give up milk and cheese.  I’ve been cutting back, cutting back and now I think I am ready.  Check that, I know I am ready.  My convictions are stronger than my cravings.  For a little extra incentive, I took the PETA pledge to be vegan for 30 days, after reading “Skinny Bitch” by Kim Barnouin and Rory Freedman.  I’m not a card carrying PETA member, but it does help me to need to feel accountable to someone or something to stay honest.  Today’s cliche:  Today is the first day of the rest of my life.  Ok, so today is the first day of my Vegan Life.

Read some recipes, thought about what I wanted to eat this week and headed out to Whole Foods.  Looking at things through new eyes, it took me about 90 minutes to make my selections.  This included plenty of label reading.   Then I headed over to my real favorite store, Trader Joe’s and picked up some more things.  I learned a valuable lesson today and I want to share it with all of you.  Never go to Whole Foods first.  I started feeling like I wasn’t going to make the trek to Trader Joe’s, I was missing football, etc. and I overpaid for a lot of things.  Go to Trader Joe’s first, get your staples and then fill in what you need from Whole Foods.  They don’t call it Whole Paycheck for nothing!  However, they have a great selection of things you might want to have.  Also, stocking my vegan kitchen for the first time was kind of costly, but I bought things I will not have to buy weekly and that should last for awhile.  Just like an omnivore kitchen… look at me, throwing around the terminology!!!  I also bought some different products to try out… mostly some veggie meats.  I am sort of on the fence regarding veggie meats.  Namely, they are processed to look and taste like something they are not.  That kind of goes against my philosophy of life.  For me, personally, I think it is OK for ME to have them on hand for something quick, or if I run into a craving, but I would prefer not to fall back on them for daily consumption.

Not only did I survive day one of the pledge, I enjoyed it and I not only feel physicially well, but even more strong and confident, and, I am downright proud of myself for sticking to my guns!

Tune in tomorrow for life, love and the vegan workday!


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