Completed the Vegan Pledge

One month of veganism under my belt.  There are times it is very challenging, but the rewards far outweigh those challenges.  I have to be honest, though, I miss the convenience of eating cheese.  There are times where I haven’t planned and packed my food in advance, and the choices are so limited, but I try to remind myself that it is just one meal and the benefits outweigh the inconvenience.

I’m starting to get creative.  I made my first vegan twice baked potato for lunch.  First, I baked my potato.  I halved it and scooped out the inside, then mixed/mashed the potato in a bowl with some shredded vegan gourmet cheddar “cheese” and Frontier natural products “Bac’uns” vegetarian bits  Once well mixed, I put the potato, cheese and bac’un bits back into the potato shell and stuck it in the toaster oven/broiler on broil for about ten minutes.  I used a little Tofuti immitation sour cream on the side.  (Note, I am not a fan of this straight, but I think it would be good with some spices made into a dip.)  The potato was very, very tasty and cured the craving for a Wendy’s bad for me, unanimal friendly version that I was suffering from for a couple of days.

To cure my chocolate craving, I discovered Enjoy Life’s boom Choco boom rice milk chocolate bar  It comes segmented into four squares, and one square is about all I need, as long as I savor it and don’t scarf it like a wild dog.  Thus far, there has been no scarfing!

I’ve been busy with my church tricky tray, which, if I may brag, was very successful!  I have also been battling some kind of gastrointestinal problem, which has been borderline disabling…OK, kind of debilitating, but I’ve been fighting through.  The docs say it is IBS, but I think that really means they don’t know what’s wrong with me.  Which leads me to my latest gripe:  Covering physicians.  They don’t know you, they don’t care about you and they don’t want to be bothered with you.  Example:  Friday evening, I couldn’t eat without cramping, etc.  I called the doctor.  I explain I have not eaten anything for a day.  Covering docs says, well, stay hydrated and call your doctor on Monday.  Yeah, thanks for the compassion.  Or the other advice, “if your pain is really that bad, go to the ER”.  Really?  Like I am making it up?  Thanks guys… just remember, what goes around, comes around and one day, you’re going to be in pain and miserable… OK…rant over.  The real point of bring that all up is I haven’t practiced Yoga and I need, need, need to get there at least twice this week if possible.  Once is absolutely MANDATORY!

Namaste, everyone!