Dealing with IBS? And Vegan picks of the week

I’m almost afraid to jinx myself, but today was a really good day.  I’ve continued to struggle with the GI/IBS/Super Long Lasting Virus problem.  Saw the GI guy on Wednesday because things were just not letting up.  He’s sort of at a loss, not sure what’s going on, but he advised some immodium and prescribed some donnatol for the pain.  Bad day yesterday, I had something fried – well, duh, Christine, really?  I had been feeling kind of well, so, I figured I was cured.  Nothing like a big belly ache to slap oneself back to reality.

Kept it on the light side today, nothing fried, nothing too spicy, nothing exotic.  Fingers are crossed for the remainder of the evening, I dared to take a little dinner.

Moving on… I’m still vegan!  My GI guy told me – no dairy.  Absolutely no dairy.  Good thing I gave it up a month ago.  Still with the same lament, man, I miss cheese.  However, eating cheese is not an option right now, so it keeps me honest.

I attended a cookie swap this afternoon, with my plate of cruelty free Christmas cookies.  My copy of “The Vegan Cookie Connoisseur” by Kelly Peloza arrived just in time for me to whip up something tasty!  I chose Candy Cane Chocolate Chip Cookies pg. 170.  I chose to make them with unbleached rappudura sugar, which made them tan and tasting a little like molasses.  I was perfectly fine with this, but if I am making them for the non-vegan crowd again, I might go with some organic white sugar.  I also liked using the unbleached sugar, because the recipe indicated that these cookies didn’t really brown and I thought the tan color might make them look a little more appealing to the masses… they baked up nice and the blend of chocolate chip and peppermint was just perfect.

Candy cane chocolate chip cookies!

Ready for the vegan picks of the week?  I wasn’t able to eat very much, so there isn’t too much to tell, but I was able to enjoy Purely Decadent Mint Chip ice “cream”.  Made with coconut milk, it was nice and creamy and did not leave me feeling like was having something imitation.

Purely Decadent Coconut Milk Mint Chip

Since I was feeling better today and was able to eat something at my friend Ellen’s cookie swap, I decided to take a risk (of course) and break out my Gardein BBQ Pulled Shreds.  I knew there was no way I was going to get in an entire sandwich, so I went with half.  As usual, Gardein did not disappoint.  I had it on an Ezekial bun, which kind of has it’s own distinct flavor as well.  The “meat” had an authentic texture to it and the barbeque sauce was very good, not spicy, but with some sweetness and tang!

Still haven’t been well enough to go to Yoga, but I am praying today has been the real turning the corner and I am really on the road to improvement.  Would love to get in a class this week.

Signing off now… Best wishes for a happy and healthy week to you all!