Day Three – Cleanse – Elimination Diet

I think I caught Brendan’s stomach bug, not feeling so well.  The day started out well, but kind of went south after lunch.  I am keeping it liquid for now – I have dinner with my husband tomorrow evening to celebrate our 7th wedding anniversary.  We have reservations at Bistro 55 on Rte. 17, it’s a restaurant that serves seasonal and local produce.  Here are the questions of the day:

I want to embrace vegetarianism gradually, I don’t want to set myself up to fail.  I am thinking of maybe having poultry, it’s from a poultry farm near my house.  I know that veganism is not an option right now, but may be in the future.  I checked the menu on line and they have a few fish dishes. Question 1:  Should I go for the poultry if I really feel like having it, or avoid it?

The elimination diet for the cleanse does not permit refined sugar or alcohol, but when I celebrate, I like to have a few bites of a dessert and a drink.  It was bad planning on my part to start this mid-week, but I sort of forgot about the anniversary dinner. Question 2:  Do I have the drink (just one) and a few bites of dessert or do I stay true to the elimination diet?

Please take a minute and weigh in on my dilema!

No Yoga today, trying to get a sitter so I can go tomorrow morning, I really need a class!


Day Two: Cleanse – Elimination Diet

Made it through the second day! Today’s goal was to decrease caffeine – achieved. Ran a little late this morning, so I went to Whole Foods for lunch and made myself a delicious salad of quinoa, steamed kale, chickpeas and olive oil, then I warmed it up at the office. It was soooo good. Did have a chocolate craving this afternoon, I hope that fades within the next couple of days. Found myself at Panera this evening, since it was damp and rainy, I went with the vegetarian black bean soup. Backtracking just a little, I had a very good whey protein shake, from Tera’s Whey,, it was Yumberry flavor

Tera’s Whey is sweetened with stevia. It’s not very sweet, so if you like sweet, you need to add a little agave. If you are interested in Tera’s Whey, I recommend purchasing the starter pack, so you can try a little bit of everything.

No yoga today, I really miss it when I don’t get to practice.

I have to confess that giving up chicken and turkey has been challenging, more challenging than I thought it would be. 

Goal for tomorrow:  Continue decreasing caffeine.

Cleanse: Day One Elimination Diet

So proud to have stayed on the elimination diet 100%.  If you know me at all, you know that I am a Dunkin Donuts iced latte lover.  Now, I’m weaning off the caffeine, I’m just not willing to endure the brain splitting pain of going cold turkey, so it was really tough going in to the DD this morning and ordering an unsweetened ice tea.  Lately my latte poison is the mocha swirl, I found myself craving it this afternoon, but was able to push the craving aside.  Tomorrow’s goal is to go to a small unsweetened ice tea from a medium.  Also, the headache started to creep up this afternoon, so I kept it under control with a small green tea.

Lesson of the day:  If you want to sweeten your tea with a teaspoon of raw honey, you should really add it when the tea is hot, not when it is iced, otherwise it stays clumpy for awhile and is largely unappetizing, until it dissolves.

Took care of the body and soul this evening, attended my Yoga class, which I  found challenging.  I was able to get a little deeper into the poses, which are still very basic, but I was stretching really well and holding the poses longer.  I was most happy that I was able to transition from pose to pose fairly easily when we were going through the sun salutations.  I must tell you, in all honesty, there is no medication that can bring the peace and clarity of a well taught Yoga class.


Especially thrilled to make the transition from downward facing dog to plamk, which has been my nemesis since the beginning!  Looks easy, but it’s not! So thrilled, I am going to make plank pose the pose of the day!

Prepping for the Cleanse

For my cleanse, I’ve decided to use the diet from eleveneleven wellness’ “Remove” program.  In the past, I purchased the program from and completed the cleanse. The program includes three shakes a day and supplements, along with a diet that eliminates refined sugar, artificial sweeteners, gluten, soy and other common allergens. It was easy to follow and I felt great.  This time around, I’m applying the principles, but using my own foods.

I am making a conscious effort to embrace a vegetarian lifestyle.  I’ve been leaning this way for about a year, however, I am more drawn toward it since starting my yoga practice. 

I’ve spent the evening at Whole Foods shopping for my staples and getting psyched for tomorrow.  I’m ready, it’s time!