Prepping for the Cleanse

For my cleanse, I’ve decided to use the diet from eleveneleven wellness’ “Remove” program.  In the past, I purchased the program from and completed the cleanse. The program includes three shakes a day and supplements, along with a diet that eliminates refined sugar, artificial sweeteners, gluten, soy and other common allergens. It was easy to follow and I felt great.  This time around, I’m applying the principles, but using my own foods.

I am making a conscious effort to embrace a vegetarian lifestyle.  I’ve been leaning this way for about a year, however, I am more drawn toward it since starting my yoga practice. 

I’ve spent the evening at Whole Foods shopping for my staples and getting psyched for tomorrow.  I’m ready, it’s time!


Hello world!

Trying to improve myself mind, body and soul.  I’ve recently started practicing Anusara Yoga.  I am participating in a Stephen Ministry course at my church, I am about to embark on a nutritional cleanse and I am embracing vegetarianism, gradually.  Please join me on my journey.

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